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We Have Been Carrying Out Our Mission Since 1964


“That the works of God will be manifested”

The Most Rev. John Kodwo Amissah was enthroned as the first Ghanaian Archbishop of Cape Coast on 8th June, 1960 to succeed the Most Rev. William Porter, SMA who had retired due to old age. The above quotation was the motto for the new Archbishop, and so one of the first things among many others that he undertook was to build a convent where young girls could be trained as religious sisters. He said several times that this idea of starting a new Religious Order was in line with what his predecessor, Most Rev. William Porter, SMA had already laid down. The Institute is called the Society of the Infant Jesus. The aims of the Archbishop John Kodwo Amissah, as the Founder in starting the Society are: (a) To form native sisters for Catholic education for both the young and the old, as the expatriate sisters were getting fewer and fewer, (b) To have a house of prayer for the evangelical work of the diocese (c) To care for the sick and the aged. In short the Society of the Infant Jesus was founded mainly for prayer, teaching, and nursing in all its aspects. With time, others like catechetic, secretarial, and sewing of liturgical vestments have been added.